Maura of Salon Fiber


Owner/Creative Director. Breathes balayage, bangs, & bobs while simultaneously "running the show." Self-proclaimed shopaholic & craft beer enthusiast.  Gets a rush from a good vintage find.
{ Mon: 3-9 Tues: 10-9 Thurs: 10-3 }
Alyssa of Salon Fiber


Known as the boss of bobs, pixies, and men’s cuts. Loves “creative cutting.” Her hair tool of choice: a razor. Loves makeup AND cars. Handier with a drill than most men.
{ Tues: 10-9 Thurs: 10-9 Fri: 10-8 Sat: Call for Availability }
Lauren of Salon Fiber


A genuine people-person with a “book of friends”—not clients. Known to attract brunettes to her chair. Walking encyclopedia of pop culture. Binges on coffee and Netflix.
{ Weds: 10-9 Thurs: 10-9 Fri: 10-8 }
Lindsey of Salon Fiber


Prenup Bridal Coordinator with impeccable taste. Perfected the art of "the updo." Has a thing for balayage, blondes, and beachwaves. Reality TV junkie. Sweats it out regularly at spin class.
{ Tues: 10-9 Weds: 3-9 Thurs: 10-9 Fri: 10-3 }
Kelly of Salon Fiber


Fell in love with hair upon her first perm in 5th grade. Leads with expert technical training. Can color correct in her sleep. Vegetarian. Most likely to be found in “warrior position.” Namaste.
{ Mon: 3-9 Fri: 10-3 Sat: 9-4 }
Nichole of Salon Fiber


Lives in Philly, works in P-ville. Loves her large following of curly-haired clients. Cuts a mean pixie & loves to paint hair in pop colors. Known to crush pins weekly at her neighborhood bowling alley.
{ Tues: 10-9 Weds: 10-9 Fri: 3-8 Sat: 9-4 }
Devin of Salon Fiber


Stylist by day/bartender by night. A “true artist” whose craft is in color—for hair & face. Creates the ultimate “learning” experience for clients. Diehard Philly sports fan & bookworm.
{ Mon: 3-9 Weds: 10-9 Thurs: 10-3 Fri: 10-8 Sat: 9-4 }
Emily of Salon Fiber


Referred to as a master in "Pinterest-perfect hair." Can paint à la balayage and ombré all day long. Sorority girl and proud. Only love (other than hair) is her Pomeranian, Franklin.
{ Tues: 10-9 Weds: 10-9 Thurs: 10-9 Sat: 9-4 }
Briley of Salon Fiber


*Certified Master Balayage Artist* Believes in the “natural beauty” of her clients. Uses only a blowdryer and brush in the war against frizz. Known to others as the easy-going, jeep-riding, home décor-loving cat lady. Meow.
{ Weds: 10-9 Thurs: 3-9 Fri: 10-8 Sat: 9-4 }
Amber of Salon Fiber


Noted for her “colorful mind.” Loves the challenge of long hair—whether styling, coloring, or cutting. Embraces hair as her creative outlet. Total foodie, which she likes to balance out with Crossfit.
{ Mon: 3-9 Tues: 10-9 Fri: 3-8 Sat: 9-4 }